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Kitesurfing is a fun and safe experience for everyone

Kiteboarding/Kitersurfing is a great sport for everyone! We will have you up and riding in no time. 


Schedule a lesson with us today by calling or texting (850) 376-1232

We offer great beginner lessons that will have you hooked on kiteboarding!  


We teach at your pace with maximum water time

Each student is different and each student learns at different rates. So we try to progress each student at their own pace. 

What to expect


All Kite Gear is Provided

Kite, board, harness, bar and lines will be provided for your lesson

What to Bring

  • Appropriate beach wear
  • Towel, sunscreen, change of dry clothes, and whatever else you'll need for 3 hours at the beach.
  • A wet suit if your lesson is during a time that is cold. 

Safety is our Main Concern

We take safety very seriously. In our lessons we make sure each student is thoroughly taught all safety precautions and has a good understanding of them before we advance the lesson. 

Each Lesson is Specific to that Person

Every lesson progresses at your pace. Our instructors will evaluate each student and progress the lesson depending on how each student is doing.

How Lessons are Scheduled

Because we need wind to teach a lesson. Every lesson is scheduled by our instructors on days that work for both parties.

Any Questions?

For Kitesurfing Lessons Call or Text us anytime at (850)376-1232 

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Call or Text us anytime at (850) 376-1232

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